My name is Teresa Vannini but I go with the name "Fishbone". I'm a mythological creature: half cat, half pizza and a self taught digital and traditional illustrator based in Italy. My greatest dream is to become a freelance concept artist / illustrator, or even a comic artist.
I take inspiration from nature, myths, fashion, fantasy and books / tv shows.


Here's some of my best works.
I make custom commissions! You can check prices and terms and if you have any more questions feel free to send me an email at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Here some questions I get frequently! If you need to ask me anything, please feel free to contact me (you can also use instagram or twitter dms)

Did you go to art school?
No, I'm 100% self taught. My major was related to cooking, actually XD

What software and tools do you use?
Mostly photoshop and my xp pen 12 tablet, but I can use also Illustrator, Krita and Clip studio paint. I know few things about video editing (premiere) but I can't animate. For traditional I use a lot of stuff, mostly gouache and watercolors but also acrylics, soft pastels, markers and inks

What brushes do you use?
I mostly use oil pastel brush (default brushes in Photoshop) and chalky brushes. I made my own brush pack available for my patrons. Some of my faves are: Rossdraws essential pack, Alexa Shade, Loish brushset, Odnatamyara, MG brushes, Jingsketch, Lynnchen, Deharme, Ahmed Aldoori.

Do you take requests?
No sorry, only paid commissions. You can check my prices and terms here if you want :)

Can I repost your art?
As long as you tag me and you write credits in the first line, I usually don't have any problem but please always ask me BEFORE doing so :)